Are you struggling in one of your high school classes? Does your school not provide beneficial academic support resources for students? Do you attend SCH? If you answered "yes" to any of the previous questions, then Student Connect is a perfect resource for you! Simply click on the "book session" tab, find a date and time when you are available, and schedule a half-hour virtual or in-person tutoring session with a fellow upper school student.  Don't worry; all of Student Connect's tutors have been vetted and screened by Student Connect employees.  They are all incredibly empathetic and are excited to help you out! Better yet, a session with a tutor is currently free! So the next time you get stuck trying to solve a math problem or need someone to read over your analytical paragraph, book a peer tutoring session through Student Connect.


Student Connect tutors are not only high achieving upper school students at SCH, but also kind individuals who want to see their peers achieve academic success.  Besides the positive feeling that comes from helping someone, Student Connect tutors also are able to place this great activity on their college applications!  To become a tutor, start by emailing Jack Gaghan (jgaghan@sch.org) and Brady Greenberg (rgreenberg@sch.org).  They will respond to you with a Google Form that asks various questions about your high school career.  Upon completion of the form, if Brady and Jack believe you have the potential to tutor, they will schedule an interview with you.  Then, if you are accepted, you will be sent a peer tutoring training manual and will also receive formal instruction from Jack and Brady.  Finally, you will be granted access to Student Connect's booking calendar where you can input dates and times when you are available to tutor.  Please consider joining the Student Connect tutoring team!

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